The Hut

Private acoustic spaces

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The Hut is a product inspired by the houses from the famous board-game Monopoly.

With its 3-sided house shape and roof, The Hut is an effective absorbent acoustic space which can fit a desk table. Optionally, a sofa can be placed inside The Hut to create a quiet relaxing area.

The Hut also comes in a reduced version where two small sofas can be installed for face-to-face discussions.

Key strength

  • Acoustics: quiet zone
  • Original: fun house shape
  • Colours: many finishes to choose from


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Public places
  • Nurseries, Schools
  • Shops
  • Libraries

Technical datas



  • Hut – cable duct (included)
  • Sofa – power outlets (included)


  • Internal wood structure
  • Absorbent acoustic core
  • Fabric (see below)

Choice of colours

  • Radio Fabric – 100% Polyester – (Fire Resistance M1 / B1)

  • Houston Reflect Fabric – 64% Polyester – 36% Viscose –


  • Absorption coefficients

The Hut

Private acoustic spaces

from 3'150 CHF

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The Hut

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From 3'150 CHF