Softline Screen

Acoustic office screens

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Softline Screen acoustic desk screen

Softline Screen is an office separating screen made of quality fabric. It limits noises being projected sideways and has a complementary action on the room’s acoustic treatment.

Softline Screen is available in two heights (45 and 59 cm). It can be easily fastened with the included manual adjusters.

Softline Screen is covered with fabric from the Medley range with 21 colours to choose from.

Key strength

  •      Budget: attractive price
  •      Finishes: 21 colours to choose from
  •      Acoustics: absorption and separation


  • Offices
  • Nurseries, Schools
  • Libraries

Technical datas


  • Thickness: 3 cm
  • 3 Models to choose from




  • Manual fasteners (black, gray or white)


  • Internal wooden frame
  • Absorbent core
  • Metallic fasteners (type 1 & 2) white colour (grey and black optional)
  • Wood legs MDF white coating (type 3)
  • Fabric covering – see below

Choice of Colors


  • Absorbent surface equivalent ISO 354
  • Model tested – W200cm H65 cm

Softline Screen

Acoustic office screens

from 290 CHF

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Softline Screen

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From 290 CHF