Screen A30 desk

Acoustic office screens

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Screen A30 acoustic desk screen

Screen A30 is an effective acoustic office screen at an attractive price.

Screen A30 is covered with a fabric from the Twist/Twist Melange range (+20 colours to choose from). The standard version features a stitched border, but an optional ZIP finish is also available for a fun and colourful look.

Screen A30 is manually fastened to desktops and creates a visual and acoustic separation for enhanced comfort and productivity.

Key strength

  • Acoustics: absorption class A
  • Budget: attractive price
  • Finishes: large selection of fabrics


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Public places
  • Nurseries, Schools
  • Libraries

Technical datas


  • Length: 80-120-14-160-180-200 cm
  • Height: 65-80 cm
  • Thickness: 4 cm


  • Manual system which screws on to the desk


Many possibilities are available in options – do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Internal structure – wood
  • Acoustic absorbing core
  • Fabric covering – see below

Choice of Colours


  • Stitched finish (standard)
  • ZIP finish (in option)


  • ISO354 sound absorption coefficient

Screen A30 desk

Acoustic office screens

from 370 CHF

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Screen A30 desk

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From 370 CHF


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