Mitesco Totem

Acoustic totems and mobile elements

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Mitesco Totem - acoustic mobile element

The Mitesco Totem provides the unique design of the Mitesco panel with a mobile stand.

Perfect for meeting rooms, offices and restaurants, the Mitesco Totem solution is easy to move and reduces resonance wherever it is placed.

Mitesco Totem is available in single-sided (one panel) and double-sided (two panels) versions.

Key strength

  • Flexible: mobile absorbent solution
  • Finishes: 12 colours to choose from
  • Acoustics: absorption class A


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Public places
  • Nurseries, Schools
  • Restaurants - Cafés
  • Shops
  • HIFI rooms
  • Libraries

Technical datas

Dimensions et formats

  • Composition: 1 or 2 Mitesco panels on a structure with a stand
  • Height: 180 cm – Width: 44 cm

Single-sided version – 1 acoustic panel (optional hook)

Double-sided version – 2 acoustic panels


Mix of colours possible – on request


  • Trevira CS fabric
  • Acoustic core – polyester
  • Epoxy painted steel structure – painted cast-iron base
  • Maintenance – cloth and vacuum cleaner
  • Fire classification: B-s2,d0

Choice of colours


  • Acoustic absorption coefficients according to EN ISO 354:2003 (12/11/2012 report)

Mitesco Totem

Acoustic totems and mobile elements

from 490 CHF

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Mitesco Totem

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490 CHF770 CHF