Acoustic wall cladding

Baux acoustic wall mounted panel

Baux is an innovative acoustic wall panel made with wood fibre and cement. It has a natural, soothing appearance.

Baux is available in a wide choice of formats and colours.

Baux cladding is suited to all spaces with complex conditions – cafeterias, schools, reception halls. It is both an absorbent product and a thermal regulator. It is fastened by gluing or with magnets.

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Key strength

  • Natural: combination of wood and cement
  • Acoustics: absorbs resonances
  • Aesthetics: wide choice of formats and colours


  • Homes
  • Offices
  • Public places
  • Nurseries, Schools
  • Restaurants - Cafés
  • Shops
  • Home studios
  • Gyms
  • Libraries

Technical datas

Dimensions and designs



  • Gluing
  • Mounted with magnets to a tray


  • Wood fibre and cement
  • Canvas fire classification: B-s1,d0

Choice of colours


  • ISO 354 acoustic absorption coefficients


Acoustic wall cladding

Buying options


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