Our services

A – Sales – distribution – custom production

We offer a choice of absorbent products to reduce resonance, improve acoustic comfort and listening quality.

  • Absorbent acoustic panels
  • Acoustic furnitures – screens and partitions
  • Acoustic booths
  • Diffusing acoustic panels, bass traps
  • Sound masking
  • Custom solutions

  We deliver our products throughout Switzerland.


B – Advice – Acoustic recommendations

Every room is different: we can provide you with the most suitable acoustic, technical and aesthetic solutions.

  • Recommendations – Advice
  • SUVA-SIA Regulations
  • We collaborate with acoustic engineers to produce complete and independent reports.


C – Installation

We provide a complete installation service for all types of projects. Our goal is to deliver a quality installation that complies with the rules and standards in force. See the about / references section.